My initial interest in family tree research (genealogy) began several years ago. As an adopted baby in the swinging sixties I had very little idea of my roots. In fact, all I really knew were the names of my biological parents and the countries they came from.

I set out on a journey of research and found my birth mother who was alive and well. Whilst this was a very happy reunion, I was not finished and went on an even longer quest in search of my birth father. Eventually I found him several thousand miles away.

Since then I decided to research for close friends and family and uncovered many interesting facts. Everyone's story is different and full of surprises.

I have decades of experience in investigations both in the Police Service and the Military. Now retired as a Detective from the Police, I decided to dedicate my working life to Genealogy, in which I have a diploma.

I am based in East Anglia in England and look forward to hearing from you. Please see my Contact Page for details.

Ali MacDonald­