Here is feedback from some of the people that I have done research for:­

I am absolutely delighted with my family tree that you researched for me. I was so emotional when I opened it what an absolutely fantastic pressie from X. I had started to read through it, but so much to take in. I read a bit, digest it and go back to it. It is so fascinating to read.
Karen F (2020)

I received the display book on Boxing Day and absolutely love it! I am so impressed with how far back you were able to go and even discover employment details / addresses of my ancestors etc. I am over the moon with it. You were absolutely brilliant the whole way through, regular contact, sending over photographs and interesting facts you discovered along the way and cross checking information. I started to look at my family tree a while back but due to a lack of time and coming to dead ends gave up. I would recommend you to others without hesitation. I am also likely to come back to you for more research into other branches of my family in the future. Thanks so much again.
Emma D (2020)

I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for all your help and research on our Family Tree. I would happily recommend you and pass on your details.

Pat Daines (2019)

I’ve read the family histories you compiled for us and am really pleased with the whole package, from the depth of research, the various charts (31 in total) to the clear presentation in the folders. We appreciate the details you added to give employments to various relatives together with some photographs that we were unaware existed, which aids in making a real historical document come to life. I knew from your past that you would be thorough in your research and I will thoroughly recommend you to anyone wishing their family tree researched. All the best and many thanks.
Jonathan Harvey (2019)

I contacted Ali with a view to finding out more about my family tree on behalf of my 84 year old mother. I was impressed with Ali's professional approach, and how far back he was able to go. I gave the book to my Mother as a Christmas present, She was very happy!

Joe Naughton (2019)

Thank you Ali for all your hard work.  So impressed with the Family Tree Research book, the brilliant layout has helped to finally make sense of all the names that my Mother and Grandmother spoke of. Fantastic work.

Jo Miller (2018)

I just had  my ancestry tracked by a highly skilled and knowledgeable gentleman. Wow!!!!!  To say I am “over the moon” with joy would be an understatement!!!!  So much information that I did not know. Some names rang a bell but had no idea why. Now I know!

Angela M, USA (2018)

Where others have tried and failed and with so little information beyond a name (the surname being Smith) a profession and an address from the 1940’s. Ali achieved the near impossible in finding so much information about my birth mother and family. I can’t thank you enough.

Marion xxx (2019)

Thanks Ali for everything you've done in tracking down my Mother's Mum and family. It has been very interesting all the family past you've managed to uncover, especially when it all happened so long ago. Thanks for all the extras you've done over and above what we asked for. We are all very grateful Ali.

Mr Walters (2018)

I had been researching my family tree for some time but was struggling and getting frustrated when I found I couldn’t progress beyond a certain point in finding my ancestors. As luck would have it I had seen one of Ali’s adverts in the Mendlesham magazine so decided to give him a call to see if he could help. When we met he was clear from the start about what he would try to do and how much it would cost. Throughout the process Ali has been efficient, informative and professional. He seemed to somehow maintain his enthusiasm despite the fact that the spelling of my paternal grandfather’s family is spelt 6 different ways! I was impressed with the final product as it includes lots of information that I was unable to retrieve and particularly love the fact that he links the many generations with my recently born granddaughter. I have no hesitation in recommending Ali if you are struggling to find information yourself or have a long-lost family member you are trying to find.

Tracey Hammond (2017)

With thanks, I've received my Family Tree Research Book, and am very impressed, not only with the amount of information you've discovered about my family, but also the comprehensive way you've laid it all out in the book, with the various different charts and the Ahnentafel Report.   I also like the way you've linked the many generations to our youngest Grandchild.

Charles Tucker (2017)

Having reached a dead end with my own research I came across Ali's details by chance. Ali was clear from the start about what he would try to do and the price options. From start to finish Ali has been efficient, informative and professional, and charged a very fair fee for the amount of information provided. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ali, whether you are starting from scratch or need help with existing research. What Ali achieved in just a few weeks would have taken me many months so well worth it!!

Claire (2017)

My Grandad was from Croatia, born in 1875. My Dad was Polish and born in 1918, so all a long time ago. I knew nothing about my Grandad, not even have his correct date of birth or name!  This really bothered me and I had a craving to know. I knew Ali did genealogy but did wonder whether he would be able to help me, because of it being Poland and Croatia. Ali got me so much information. He found out my Grandad’s date of birth, his real name, where he got married and where he was from in Croatia. He also found the names of other family members. On my Dad’s side in Krakow, Poland he found names and dates of birth of many relatives even going back to my Great, Great Grandparents, and where they are buried which is close to my Dad’s grave. This means I can now go and visit their graves. Ali was a real pleasure to work with and nothing was too much bother for him. He is professional, enthusiastic, very thorough and obviously very good at what he does. He does not give up. Ali and I had a wonderful journey together and I think he was as interested as me in finding out so much about my family. I would highly recommend his work.

Ania Znidericz, Northern Ireland (2017)

Ali worked meticulously to construct a timeline of my father’s life, during and after WWII. His Eastern European background meant secrecy was rife and Ali’s job was made all the more difficult. Whatever or wherever your background is Ali finds a way of discovering who you are. He is dedicated, thorough and took on my case as if it were his own story. I now have answers where before I had blank spaces and it’s all down to Ali’s research. I highly recommend him.

Sophia Danylenko, Ireland (2017)

I was recommended Ali, at Research my Roots, by a friend, as I was trying to search for my biological father.  I had begun the search myself on the internet, but as I didn't have a great deal of information to go on, kept going in circles - I was at the point of giving up my search. Within a couple of weeks Ali had pieced things together in the form of my family tree, with location details, births, deaths and marriages; even a photograph of my grandparent's gravestone and other helpful links which helped to piece the jigsaw together!  Ali is incredibly professional, with a genuine empathy and understanding;  I would highly recommend Research my Roots.  Thank you Ali. 

Lorraine (2016)