A Bespoke Quote­

This is where you decide what type particular research you would like. This could be seeking a biological parent, a long lost relative or a friend you have not seen since school. We will discuss your requirements in detail before I undertake any work. Again, if you wish to have copies of birth, death or marriage certificates, these will involve an additional cost of £15 each. ­

Certificates for other parts of the world will be quoted separately as prices vary.

Examples of what may be uncovered, dependent on the type of research, could be some of the following:­

Parish Records, particularly prior to Civil Registration, when Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates were introduced.

Emigration and Immigration Records, including passengers lists of those that travelled on ships.­

Military Records, but bear in mind that WW2 Records are only accessible to the person whose record it is or their next of kin if deceased and are therefore not available to the general public yet.

Census Returns, which could show the occupations of your relatives and where they lived.

Criminal Records, which may uncover some family secrets!

Probate Records.

Many other possible finds too!


In the unlikely event that your tree or research cannot be completed, which  can occur in genealogy, through loss of original sources or unforeseen circumstances during the research. I will discuss with you the final product and it's cost to that point.­